Some chapter headings and other organisational divisions. Provided for those who don't like picking their way through blog archives.

Book One: A Bad Night In Bridgetown

  1. How Rachel And James Escaped The Skull Garden
  2. Sir Cobb and the Moon Maiden
  3. The Princess Visits A Haunted House
  4. Avan Weatherstrong and the Stalker Wolf
  5. How Tabarnas Acquired A Mermaid
  6. In Which Saeed Returns Joshua's Bag
  7. Lester and James Find Most of a Dragon
  8. Sir Cobb and the Vampire
  9. Why Tabarnas Had To Rehome An Owl
  10. The Princess Digs Up A Witch
  11. Avan Weatherstrong In The Land Of Frogfellow
  12. In Which Saeed Impresses The Master Of The Market
  13. A Trip To Hamsamperburg
  14. How Cressidia Ended Up Watching The Shop
  15. Sir Cobb, The Prince, The Witch and The Moon Guardian
  16. In Which Saeed Rescues A Prince
  17. A Bad Night In Bridgetown

Book Two: The House Of Masks

  1. How Eos Got Her Land Legs
  2. In Which Saeed Visits The City of Sorrowblade
  3. Sir Cobb and the Cage Match
  4. Princess Spireshine Meets Peregrine Pagebinder
  5. Avan Weatherstrong and the Impostor Prince
  6. Lester and James In The House of Secrets
  7. In Which Saeed Encounters A Masque In Jeopardy
  8. Phoebe's Burden
  9. Avan Weatherstrong and the Riders in Little Hill
  10. The House of Masks Revealed
  11. In Which Saeed Comes To The Brink Of Forever
  12. Avan Weatherstrong, The Storm and the Owl of Wisdom
  13. A Bad Night For Lord Mumphrey
  14. In Which Saeed and Avan Have A Falling Out
  15. Escape From The House of Masks
  16. Chaos in Dracopolis
  17. The First Eyrie

Book Three: The Long Road Home