Monday, 20 July 2015

Sir Cobb and the Teddy Monster

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There was a loud cracking sound in the distance, followed by the heavy thumps of an enormous beast lurching forward. Greg yelped in terror. Phoebe bounced up onto the top of the nearest shelf to get a look at what was going on.

"Um... Frederick," she said. "Have you had much experience fighting monsters?"

"Some," Frederick said.

"Big monsters?"

"A few were sizeable."

"How about ferocious?"

"Monsters do tend to be."

"What about monsters based on children's cuddly toys?"

Before Frederick had time to come up with a response to that one the shelves in front of him were swept aside. An enormous clawed paw shredded the books and splintered the shelves. Greg ran to hide behind Frederick, Phoebe leaped for a nearby undamaged shelf.

Frederick pulled his sword from his scabbard.

"At last!" the sword cried out. "Some action!"

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