Sunday, 12 July 2015

Subscribers Only: In Which Saeed Returns To The Land Of His Birth

"I thought I heard a cry for help," Saeed said. "Are you in distress sir?"

"No, son," the man said, grinning up at Saeed. The sun caught a flash of gold on the man's eyeteeth. "Probably just the parrot. Useless bird."

"Very well then," Saeed said. "I thought I had best check. If all is well I shall be on my way."

Saeed backed away from the lip of the pit. When he was out of view of the giant man he turned and walked back towards the wall surrounding the temple gardens. If all was fine then the giant would have no reason to follow. Saeed hoped that he had enough wit to outsmart the monster, if such wits were necessary.

As Saeed reached the edge of the garden he angled his body slightly so he disappeared from view amongst a small copse of trees. As soon as he knew he was out of view he turned on his heel and scrambled up into the branches of the nearest tree.

Just in time too. The giant man, sword drawn, came around the corner as Saeed settled his body across the branches. The giant was confounded at Saeed's apparent disappearance. Saeed knew that the time to wait had passed. Now he had to act.

He threw himself from the tree onto the giant's shoulders, wrapping his arms tight around the monster's neck. This done Saeed braced himself. He knew that the next couple of minutes were going to be intensely unpleasant.

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